BYO Printing Service Agreement

Thank you for using The Custom T Shirt Shop for your apparel printing needs. At The Custom T Shirt Shop we’re proud to offer high-quality printing at affordable prices. When offering BYO Apparel Printing we want you to be aware of the risks. We Cannot promise the outcome of the printing process on BYO Apparel as there are different requirements for different materials. There can be a difference between the materials used and the care label on the garment, Australian Standards do not require any material less than 15% to be listed. A difference in material manufacturing can also have unforeseen outcomes. Some Garments have a chemical coating on them to make them feel softer and more desirable when being touched, this also can have unforeseen outcomes to the print process, due to these factors, we take all care but no responsibility for the print quality.

Mistakes can happen, the printing process is to a large degree still a manual process. While we take care of the printing of your apparel, human and machine errors can happen from time to time. When we supply Apparel for printing we have made allowances for these errors, and cover this in our apparel costs. When supplying your own garments we do not carry this stock and have not made allowances for mistakes that may occur. If a mistake does occur from human error or machine breakdown, we will not charge you for the printing, but we will not cover the cost of the garment supplied that have had the error made on them. As part of the BYO Apparel Printing Agreement, we require that an extra 10% extra is supplied to cover any errors or at least 1 piece of size being printed, whichever is greater. If the Customer does not choose to supply the extra garments at the time of printing we cannot guarantee, that the correct requirements are met at the time of delivery. all risk is accepted by the customer in this regard.

Clients are requested to check all design and artwork thoroughly before approving. We have take the utmost care in creating your artwork, however, are not liable for client error or approval of, design or artwork. Due to the production process, colour, position, size and scale are indictive only. If signed artwork has an error that is not identified by the customer and production has taken place we are unable to take responsibility for the error, all responsibility is the customers. If you have any questions regarding this printing service agreement, please feel free to discuss it with us.

We look forward to helping you with your printing needs! By purchasing the BYO Apparel online you have agreed to these terms and conditions.

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