Foil and Neon Printing

TCTS Foil and Neon Printing

Foil and Neon Printing

Specialty Finishes, Including Foil and Neon (Fluorescent) Digital Prints are now available from the Custom T Shirt Shop.

This new process allows for designs to be added to your T Shirts in a specialty range of Foil Finish Neon Colours and Basic Colours.

The application process has been developed for a low heat setting, this is especially helpful in stopping dye migration from Polyester into the transfer medium. This allows the Foil, Neon or standard colours to be Bright and not distorted by the colour of the Garment that they are printed onto.

Thanks to the composition of the Material and the years of research and development that have gone into the process, the wash-ability is around 20-30 washes on standard designs, Large Block Designs may be reduced by half, if you want to find out more about the wash-ability please do not hesitate to contact us.

With most Foil and Neon Colour printing processes it is not advisable to print onto Polyester, but with this new and technically superior system, printing on dark colour polyester garments has become a lot easier. The Low set temperature stops the Dye Migration from the Garment into the material, so you have a bright finish just like you would on light colour polyester garments.

Fine Detail can be achieved easily, where with a Vinyl Cut Process this would not be able to be done, the New and advanced system allows for fine detail to be achieved.

Art Preparation is easy as well, the file needs to be in a Solid Black Colour and Inverted, saved as a PDF in A4 size. From here we do the rest, there is a minimal setup cost for us to prep your artwork so it is ready to print.

The look and feel of the process is amazing with the Foil having a strong metallic look and a soft feel that you would not expect. The Neon and standard Colours do have a Plastic look but still retain the soft hand feel. This makes wearing the garment with the print on comfortable.

We have samples of this process available for you to check out in Store.

Currently you can choose from 20 fantastic colours. Eight Metallic Finishes, Four Neon (Fluro) Finishes, and 8 Standard Colours. The Range of Colours is set to increase and A full Colour option where you can print photos and pictures is in the works.

If you want a Print that stands out from the rest check our our new Specialty Finishes, Including Foil and Neon (Fluorescent) Digital Prints.

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