How to Choose A T Shirt from our large range of Brands & Styles available to choose from, The Custom T Shirt Shop we are here to help with your T Shirt printing needs.

We have a Range of Promo, Mid-Range and Premium T Shirts and Apparel for you to choose from.

How to Choose A T Shirt…

  1. Quality, Choose the quality of the T Shirt that you need.
  2. How fast do you need it, check the estimated print dates?
  3. Choose whether to order Online or In-Store.

We can break these down into some information to help you make your choice.


The Promo T Shirts (Light Weight On-Sale T Shirts) are the basic T Shirt, only available in White the Men T Shirt is 150GSM and the kids and Ladies T Shirt is 180GSM, they are a Basic Australian Cut.  This is our entry Level T Shirt and is only available On-Line. The Estimated print date will be around 5-8 Business days after you order.

The range of Mid-Range T Shirt brands are, Sportage, Ramo, Stedman and QUOZ, these T Shirts are very similar in size as they are Australian Standard Fit, please Check the size guide for full details, Sportage and Ramo are Combed Cotton and Stedman and QUOZ are Ring Spun. These T Shirts are available in a good range of Colours and styles. The Ladies RAMO is a slightly smaller fit so we would recommend sizing up to what you think. The QUOZ kids T Shirt is a longer in the Body Tee similar in Style like a AS Staple T Shirt is for a adult. The Estimated print date will be around 3-8 Business days after you order. We do carry some of this stock on hand in White and Black.

The Range of Premium T Shirts is available in CB Clothing, AS Colour, RTP Apparel, and Next Level. The CB and AS Colour are very similar in the construction and quality. RTP Apparel is a T Shirt that has been made to print Photo’s onto a Light Weight T Shirt that has been engineered for achieving the best quality in a print on the T Shirt. Next Level is a ring spun T Shirt that is one of Americas Biggest Seller, and the first choice for many celebrities. The CB M2 and the AS Colour Staple T Shirts are the Euro Classic fit that is currently popular. The CB M1 and the RTP Apparel are the Modern Fitted look. And the Next Level is a US Slim fit that is very similar to Australian Standard Fit T Shirts. The Ladies CB L1 and the AS Colour Wafer T Shirt are a fitted tee. Estimated print date will be around 3-8 Business days after you order. We do carry some of the AS Colour Staple, and Maple T Shirts as Well as the CB Clothing M2 and L1 tees in stock and on hand in White and Black.

Different T Shirt Brands and Styles will have different handling times. We have created an On-line Express T Shirt that costs a little extra, but we either have it on hand or can get it quickly. Please be aware ordering an Express Tee and then ordering an on-sale tee will result in the order being printed when we are able to print the on-sale tee. We cannot speed up the process for many shirts.

By Ordering Online you will find that there are some savings over ordering in-store. Ordering in-store we will help you get the process right, online you do need to put some effort into checking the Size Guide, and product information.