How to Create the Perfect Surf T Shirt

TCTS How to Create the Perfect Surf T Shirt

We have written this blog to help you to understand How to Create the Perfect Surf T Shirt. It is easy to create the perfect Surf T Shirt with the custom T Shirt Shop. Start with a great white T Shirt like RTP Apparel or the AS Colour Staple, or the CB M2 as a base, why white, this has become the standard colour for surf Tees. A white t shirt is not especial needed for a surf t shirt but if you want it to look authentic it is a good start.  Once you decide on the T Shirt you want click on the design now button. Now select the colour, size you need and the quantities if you want more than one. Here is the fun part, you can either select from our designs that we have ready to go. There is a great selection of Surf Style designs to choose from. If you want to be more adventurous create your own design and up load it, or you might have found an image on the internet that you want to put onto the T Shirt. If using images from the internet aim for 700×700 as a minim this should get you an image that prints well on the T Shirt. Think about copyright as well if using images from the net, as we will not check copyright ownership and this is your responsibility. Once you have added your image add any text you might want on the design. By adding text and using a font that suits your design you can make it your own design. Text can often add that extra needed element as well. Review your Design, if you think it won’t be overdone add a back or sleeve prints to the t shirt as you think looks good. Just remember the KISS Rule, keep it simple. Some times less is more especially when trying to design the perfect surf T Shirt. Bigger is not always better, check your design and how it looks on the T Shirt as well, sometimes reducing the size to the correct proportion on the t shirt can make a big difference to the final look of the T Shirt. A lot of people make the print as big as it can be, this can look good but can also look over done on some designs. Once you have finished designing your T Shirt add it to the cart, pay for it, we will print up your T Shirt and either ship it out to you or let you know it is ready to pick up. It can be very enjoyable to wear you own design that you have created and the iconic Surf T Shirt is a great place to start.

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