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Online T Shirt Printing

Online T Shirt Printing is easy to design with what you want on a T Shirt and get it sent out through the post to you, but when choosing who you want to create your Custom Printed T Shirt for you there are a few things to think about.

  • Does the Website have any contact details
  • Does the website have a physical address
  • Does Google and Facebook have any information other than generic info
  • Are the reviews customer or payed for reviews
  • Does the pricing seem too good to be true

You may think a lot of this is not very important, and it is a choice you can make to go with who you want to do your T Shirt and Apparel printing with, but with a little information it might help you make the right choice.

  1. Why is it important to have contact details on a website? This is one of the obvious ones, if you can only contact the operators of a website through their contact us form on their website how do you know they are going to do what you want them to do, or even send you out your products. If the product arrives and is not what you want how can you get them to replace it if they say nothing is wrong? You cannot give them a phone call, you cannot turn up at their business and try and get a reconciliation as you do not know where they are.  It does not cost a lot of money to create a website using stock photos and an online design tool, start taking orders and then close it down and start a new website once you get to many bad reviews. When there are contact details online of the phone number and where business is you can rest assured that the printer wants to make sure you are happy as they are making themselves available if there is a problem.
  2. Why is it important to have a physical address on a website, this is very much like the first point that you can find them if something goes wrong. Another reason is are they printing the T Shirts themselves or are they getting your job done by another company and using whoever is the cheapest at the time. While a lot of t shirt businesses us drop shipping companies to do their printing and this can work fairly well, when it comes to Custom Printed T Shirts and Apparel it is best to keep the amount of people handling your order to the minimum so that the human error is reduced. It is a little like Chinese whispers each person passes it on and there are little changes for the original job. If they have a Physical address you can see that they are doing the printing onsite if you visit the shop.
  3. Why is it important for Google and Facebook have information other than generic info? If you are going to pay to setup a website you will also pay to create a social media presence. Usually this is not very old but sometimes the business uses an existing Facebook page and change the business information to make the site look older than it is.  If the owner of the site is legitimate they will give you some information about the company or business other than a generic info and products, with a few stock photos added to make it look legit. The other thing is some of these businesses close down their website, Google Small Business page and Facebook page and open up a new website and pages and off they go as the negative reviews were too many. Another thing to consider is most of these sites Pay Google for add words so you see them when looking for other businesses, a easy check is find out where the business sits in the organic search of google if it is in the first few pages great, we can’t all be on page one, but at least they are there and that shows google has a degree of trust in the site.  You have gone back a lot of pages and still have not found them. There will be a reason. Add words is a great way for new sites to get found, but it can also be used by people that do not have the best of intentions.
  4. Why is it important for the reviews to be from customers and not payed for reviews. You want to know what the average customer thinks. It is easy for the business and their family and friends to login to Facebook or Google and leave great reviews the day the business starts, you can even pay some companies to leave great reviews. They paid for Reviews are usually very generic and you can spot them straight away. If you look at what people are saying and it is all good and you feel that they are genuine reviews, this is a great indicator.  If they look generic and payed for you should not give the review second thought.
  5. Why is it important about pricing? If the pricing seem too good to be true there is a reason, it might be that it is a print shop that is using the website so they can do special pricing that does not affect their main site, and they can boost the site when they are not busy, if this is what is happening great you will get the same quality and service they usually offer, if this is the case they will usually still have a better line of communication. A cheap T Shirt is usually a cheap t shirt, there is a lot of different print settings that need to be taken into consideration when DTG (Direct To Garment Printing) and it is easy to dial these settings back to save money on the printing, this will affect the look of the print, the washability of the print and more. The quality of the T Shirt can also be a factor.

Overall if it all seems too good to be true it most probably is, look for a printing shop that wants your business and is happy for you to know where they are and happy to talk to you. When doing online t shirt printing, if they cannot prove their claims you should be wary.

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