So you have an amazing t-shirt idea that is going to be the next big thing, or you are a budding artist and want to sell your artwork on a t-shirt. Not sure where to start, we can help getting your t-shirt empire underway. The list below (although not exhaustive) will assist you commence your journey.

  1. What is the brand or label going to be called? Simple right? Use Goggle to check that the name or domain is not already in use..
  2. What am I going to sell? Long term the goal is to have a diverse range of products.  Pick a target market, start small and increase your range as your brand takes off.
  3. What is my price point? Where are you aiming on the spectrum of budget to luxury products? This is important as the cost to produce the product will have an impact on what the retail cost will be.
  4. Where am I selling the T Shirts or apparel? Are you selling at the local Market, on an eCommerce platform such as eBay or on your own website. Selling to friends and family can be a great start, just remember you need ongoing sales and new customers after your friends have all bought your product.
  5. How are people going to find me? Start a Facebook and Instagram page and get your family and friends to like, follow and share the page. As your brand evolves, Google Ad-words and Market Place may be utilised.
  6. Artwork or designs must be print ready. For helpful tips refer to Our In-Store Ordering and Printing Page  if you want to do this yourself.
  7. Get some samples created. This will help you understand the process of how your product will look and feel, This provides the advantage of stock photos to add to social media.

Once the points above have been addressed you are ready to start. Please contact us via email about our Re-seller Affiliate Program. We do not offer this to everyone. You will be required to demonstrate that you are serious about selling your t-shirts and apparel. We will provide an excel form to be completed along with out terms and conditions. Once you have filled out the form and been approved you will receive a price list.  Please touch base with use to further understand  our Re-seller Affiliate Program. The program is tiered with variable pricing.  This will allow your business to grow. There are a range of brands that access can be provided to. We have a number of items in stock for fast turn around time. Some of our Affiliates choose to supply their own items.  This is not an issue if they comply to our requirements.. If this is of interest, please discuss this with us. Once accepted, artwork must be print ready and supplied on a USB Stick with SKU Naming. We will store your artwork on our server ready for use. We will discuss the ordering process with you once you have been accepted.

Our Re-seller Affiliate Program is a print on demand service and we offer drop shipping if required.

If you are interested in joining our affiliate program it is important that you are able to self manage your Business we are a facilitator of the printing and shipping.

At this time we do not:

  • Offer a website / platforms for you to sell your products on 
  • Tell you what to charge each individual item at.
  • Hold your funds or give a Credit Accounts.

We print your items as required. There is no need to hold inventory unless you are selling at a physical location

We have worked hard to make the process easy for you.