RTP Apparel, Premium Printing on a T Shirt

TCTS RTP Apparel, Premium Printing on a T Shirt

RTP Apparel has created a T Shirt that can be digitally (DTG) printed anywhere on the garment; the T Shirt is already treated and ready to go for fast handling time. With digital printing(DTG), the clothing needs to be pre-treated this is done for a couple of reasons.

The treatment stops the white ink soaking into the cotton of the garment. The chemical bond between the ink and the treatment on fabric makes the print stick to the t shirt and gives the longevity and washability to the decoration. The chemical action of the white ink and the treatment on the fabric makes the white look white and bright colour. The pre-treatment process is usually done on a T Shirt at the printing stage. With DTG Apparel the treatment is applied to the T Shirt during the manufacturing stage. The process to implement the treatment at the production stage gives RTP the ability to have prints applied anywhere on the garment. The other benefit is that the treatment is applied correctly to the T Shirt every time.
RTP Apparel has been upgraded to use Organic Cotton, certified Organic Cotton, OCS 100® / OCS Blend ® certified. Quality product certified OEKOTEX Class 100. Produced in a healthy working environment. Sweat Shop Free Guaranteed

RTP Apparel has created a T Shirt that is 160gsm in a US fit; this means that you get a premium quality lightweight T-Shirt, that the prints look great on and will last. With high-resolution detailed designs and photos, you want them to look the best they can, with RTP Apparel you can get your custom print onto a T Shirt with confidence that is will look great. The white T Shirt print quality is exceptional compared to a regular t shirt that has not been pre-treated. The lightweight construction suits the Australian lifestyle and is comfortable to wear. Being US Fit the t shirts are on the larger size, so it is important to check the fit guide to see the size that suits you. Currently available in only Black, White, Navy and Red, the colour range covers the basic needs. RTP is developing more colours and will launch them very soon.
Give RTP Apparel a go, and you will not be disappointed, comfortable T Shirt with quality premium prints.

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