Supacolour Transfers

TCTS Supacolour Polyester T Shirt
TCTS Supacolour T Shirt
TCTS Supacolour Tote Bag

Supacolour Transfers are a great option for difficult to print T Shirts, Apparel and Eco Tote’s. We have added a little information to help you understand this great printing option.

Transfers for Polyester

While polyester and synthetic fabrics appealing to many due to their light weight and seemingly limitless design flexibility, they present complex printing issues due dye migration when heat is introduced. These transfers give us the ability to print on fabrics that are sublimated or have heavy patterns.

The Transfers are created digitally with a Blocking fixing printed onto the back of the transfer. The transfers have a low heat requirement for fixing to help with the dye migration problems associated with Dye Sublimated polyester.

With a high stretch resistance the transfers are are perfect for printing logos onto Active Wear and Sports Apparel.

Some of the highly patterned Polyester garments may have some show through on traditional Vinyl Transfers, Super Colour have use a superior blocking fixing  to make sure that this is not a problem.

Supacolour transfers are the perfect option for printing your Logo onto your polyester T Shirts and apparel.

Transfers for Promotional Eco Totes

The problem with printing onto Eco non woven tote bags is that they are not colour fast and have a need to be heat set at a low temperature, Traditional screen printing can be a great option when doing 100’s of totes, but for a small business with a need for only a small run of totes this can be expensive, Super Colour with a MOQ of just 20 is the perfect option.

With the Blocking Fixing added to the back of the transfer the colour migration that normally happens in these bags is not a problem, and with the low fixing temperature the bags integrity will not be affected.

The ability to print a full colour logo is also a great advantage over traditional screen printing.


Contact us via email with what you need and we can give you a quote and help you through the process.

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