T Shirt printing Brisbane same day turnaround

TCTS T Shirt printing Brisbane same day turnaround


Need to get t shirt printing same day and you are based in Brisbane? You’re in luck, at The Custom T Shirt Shop we can print up a T Shirt for you in store while you wait, we also have an Express T Shirt printing option online.

We get that sometimes something comes up and you need a T Shirt Printed in a hurry, that is why we work with our customers to get their T Shirt printed up and in their hands when they need it. If you come into our shop with your design that you need printed onto a T Shirt you can choose from the T Shirts that we have in store ready to print onto.  Want something that we won’t have in stock, if you bring in a 100% Cotton T Shirt that is new unworn and unwashed we can print that up for you as well. Yes we can print a custom printed T Shirt for you on the same day.

We have T Shirt printing Brisbane same day turnaround to make help you with you Fast T Shirt printing needs.

As you can imagine there are conditions that do apply to such a great service. T Shirt printing in Brisbane same day turnaround, is limited to two T Shirts per customer or group. It is best to call ahead and check our work load and when we think we can fit your order in, between 12.00-2.00 weekdays we usually can do it straight away but time to time our work load, breakdowns, and other factors may make it that you have to wait a while for your T Shirts. The Print While You Wait service, is if you need the T Shirt straight away we will print up to two T Shirts while you wait, between 12.00-2.00 weekdays there is a cost of $12.00 per Tee on top of the normal costs for this service.

Here are a couple of things that can impact T Shirt printing Brisbane same day turnaround orders as well.

  1. T Shirt printing in Brisbane same-day turnaround is dependent on our current work load and fast turnaround printing, from time to time we may have an order that has to be done and out, this can impact on the availability of when we can print up your T Shirt.
  2. Stock availability, we have had customers ask for volume T Shirts in a quick turnaround time, while we will do all that we can, if you want us to supply more t shirts than we have in stock and you want a brand that is based in Melbourne you have to realize that the shipping time may be greater than the time frame you need the T Shirts.
  3. Print while you wait is limited to Two T Shirts. This is because we will already have orders in place. We can take larger orders for fast turnaround T Shirt printing, but you need to talk to us with what you need and what we are able to do for you. This way we can avoid disappointment.
  4. There are some Brisbane based wholesalers that we have great relationships with that if we need to get T Shirts fast they will work with us to make it happen, we can even get some interstate T Shirts wholesalers that will send express post so we get them fast, of course, you should check with us about the availability of the T Shirts that you are after and any extra cost that would be associated with this.
  5. Break Downs, these happen very infrequently but they can have an impact on print while you wait and fast turnaround printing.
  6. Realistic expectations, want to order 100 Black T Shirts at 3.00pm and expecting to be able to pick them up at 9.00am the following day would not be a realistic expectation, we would be happy to talk to you and work out what we could do, but try to be realistic.

One of the main things is talk to us and we can work with you to make it happen if we can.

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