About Vinyl Print & Cut Transfers

TCTS Vinyl Print & Cut Transfers

About Vinyl Print & Cut Transfers

Vinyl Print & Cut Transfer is a digital method for creating vinyl heat transfers that are an excellent and cost effective way to decorate sports jersey, school jerseys, sports uniforms and polyester and polyester blend garments. A typical application Vinyl Print & Cut Transfers is to fit numbers and names onto the back of Jerseys.

One of the important things, when creating a Vinyl Print & Cut Transfers, is to use good quality Vinyl as cheap vinyl on dark coloured garments can have colour migration into the vinyl and this will cause the print colours to look off.

Vinyl Transfers can be fitted to most fabric but is most suitable to Synthetics.

A vinyl transfer can also be created in a single colour vinyl where the media is cut and weeded of the excess to the design. This can give a great look that is hard wearing.


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